News of the Day 3/18/2010

Google/Viacom are angry at each other, movie studios unoriginal, and another Kindle app! It's a very unsurprising day in Must Know Geek Career News!

One great advantage of networking? Brainstorming with others!

One other contribution to the Great Recession? An SEC that wasn't well funded. Intentionally, perhaps?

A deep analysis that helps you realize that the economy of 2002-2009 really was sort of lousy.

Geek Law:
Viacom once tried to buy YouTube. Part of the whole nasty case is all the juicy details coming out, such as Viacom apparently uploading videos to YouTube while slamming it, and more.

American movie studios going nuts for remakes of foreign films. What, you expected originality? I still think Hollywood is surviving on force over concept.

Kindle software for Mac. What more needs to be said? Though interesting insight that the sofware being widely distributed *IS* a way to sell people on getting a Kindle . . .

More shakeup at Barnes and Noble: The CEO steps down, the Digital Head replaces him. More forward motion in this age, or more?

Wealthy Russians investing in news. You have an idea of what that's gonna mean, news-wise. Now, another question – how long until sovereign wealth funds get in on the act?

Google working on creating an internet-TV device? Looks like it. Perhaps it could be Android-based? I of course wonder if this is more of their "destabilization" strategy.

Video Games:
There's an engine to make 3D Games on the Android called ShiVa, from Stonetrip. Not only good for Android developers, but this makes me wonder if it's open-source nature makes development easier as TOOLS can be made easier.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Does Android mean more tools and easier development- and a potential future edge over the iPhone?

– Steven Savage