News of the Day 3/19/2010

A German iPad, how eBooks have changed, and Twitter's followers aren't counting for as much as you'd think.  Reverse the polarity of the Neutron Flow, it's time for must-know Geek Job News!

50 tips to elevate your personal brand – Now I'm biased as Cindy quoted me as well (on business cards), but this is a great set of tips and a good blog. Check it out and get some new ideas!

A good roundup of econolinks and more from The Big picture.

Did all the bailouts just give us bigger and riskier banks? I'm concerned about that myself, frankly – if you're gonna be big, you better be well-regulated.

Why Ebooks failed in their first iteration and what's changed or has to change – Great insights on the subject.

The Author's Guild makes it's statements on e-book royalties with Harper Collins and Random House.

Social Media:
Audience size on Twitter doesn't equal influence – A little research busts that theory.  Maybe it's time for ANOTHER death-of-Twitter story?  Either way, good research to bring into play when considering Socil Media strategy.

Palm's stock drops on revenue forecasts – In this market, Palm is just facing too many challenges. Frankly – not a place to bet your career.

A German iPad? Sounds like a pretty powerful device – now will this end up in other countries? Will other companies in other countries follow suit?

Video Games:
RealNetworks hires execs to take their games into social gaming – Interesting and obvious change (and they have a decent foundation to go on). This is one to watch for resume-worthiness.

The CEO of SquareEnix talks Final Fantasy. Not too much to go on here (does he think the XBox version of FF XIII doesn't have issues?) but a few useful insights and tidbits. Still wondering if Eidos will have been worth it for them . . .

Twilight is what the gaming industry is missing out on? A pretty good point. And as for a Twilight game producing backlash, frankly I think people are already in their camps on Twilight.

And finally . . . A quest to find the buried sets from the Ten Commandments – an archeological search for a set based on a previous civilization by a film buff. Awesome geekery.

QUESTION OF THE DAY:Is Twilight something that could pay off in gaming?

-Steven Savage