News of the Day 3/31/2010

Asus has more coming, Starbucks tries a payment App, Digital content is growing, and China's game market is expanding. It looks like a lot is on the march in today's must know geeky job news . . . except for Ireland's economy and the future of 'Clash of the Titans.'

Be a careerpreneur. A short, fun post on taking an entrepreneurial approach to your career.

Ireland is also having financial problems. There's an acronym kicking around the econosphere – PIGS – Portugal, Ireland (or Italy), Greece and Spain. Those are 4 Eurozone countries with economic issues.

Is productivity actually slowing recovery from unemployment. Some contrarian thoughts.

Funimation streams all sorts of stuff – More streaming all the time . . .

From the so-obvious-you-didn't-think-of-it department: how cutbacks in the postal service could affect geektastic company Netflix. Something I never thought of, and a good example of unexpected consequences in the economic downturn. I'm sure Netflix will beat any changes, but I'm also biased.

Digital Content is set to grow, but news doesn't look like it's going to take advantage of it. Some food for thought from a report from GigaOm.

The new Clash of the Titans doesn't seem to do 3D well. For that matter sounds like it doesn't do plot too well either. Sounds like this might be an object lesson in why not to tack 3D on later.

Asus has their tablet plans – and talks about them. Get some insights with this interview with Chairman Jonney Shih. Sounds like Asus gets the idea about appealing to different markets and userbases. A few iPad alternatives here.

Starbucks tries an iPhone Payment App. It's being used in 1000 stores, and the results will probably shape their policies and plans – and those of others. How much of a future is there in payment apps?

Video Games:
Chinese game market to nearly triple in 4 years. A lot of their model sounds like it follows the Korean model (which reminds me to get back to Dungeon Fighter Online . . .). An interesting question here is one of Markets – China is growing within and without, but what about letting other companies in . . .

An argument that the retail game store isn't in immediate danger and the comparisons of it to Blockbuster don't hold up here.

Total Geekery:

Can we replace schools with games? A cheeky article that makes some good points about immersive environments.

The iPad will have an app that makes it look like A PADD from Star Trek. Yes at times, I am easily amused.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What is the future of the game market in China for external companies?

-Steven Savage