News Of The Day 3/2/2010

PS3’s sieze up among other weird naming news, video is all ago, and publishing is a mixed bag!  Nerds assemble, it’s the must-know geek career news of the day!

Have career/resume information overload? A few tips on how to keep from overdoing it. Some good advice here.

A look at disposable income over the years for some econogeeks

Anime and Manga:
Crunchyroll’s iPhone app will do Simulcasts – And as usual, I welcome our new Crunchylords. The iPhone app almost seemed to come in under radar, but now with the iPad, Crunchyroll is even more firmly established.

Geek Law:
You may not remember the bizarre legal wranglings of SCO or Darl McBride (short summary; lawsuits involving Linux and IP, much humiliation and anger). Some or all of SCO’s remnants may be sold to Darl McBride who was part of the earlier mess. I’m guessing more lawsuits will result from this.

Germany suspends controversial data retention law – But only for six months. Remember laws like thsi vary from country to country – but can affect your plans.

Apple sues HTC for patent infringement – And so it begins. My guess is this is a swipe at Android.

Kodansha reports 2009 loss – Two years in a row, and sales have been dropping for awhile. Though I think Kodansha has ambitions in North America, this kind of economic hit can’t be helping them be realized – though it may drive them as well.

Penguin Publishing is doing well overall – Seems to be due to a mix of factors. Seeing them do well gives me hope that publishing has survived and may recover from all the hits its faced.

Social Media:
How your Social Media Data gets used – Food for thought. Greasy, disturbing food for thought.

A useful look at how Google and Apple became enemies – Some history for those that haven’t followed this soap opera.

Asus comes out swinging with it’s new netbooks and more info on their e-reader. Very nice stuff – not overly innovative, but Asus’ big focus is What Works.

Russia has it’s own Hulu – For those of you keeping track of video site ambitions.

Netflix mulling an iPhone app – To which I say go for it (and go Android too). I think though the iPhone is a big deal, the iPad has increased awareness of video utilities. Of course this is just apparently “mulling” which to me says “going to be done.” More here.

Video Games:
February 28th people found some of their ‘fat’ PS3’s not working. Now it appears the issue sort of fixed itself. It appears to be a clock issue, with a mis-interpreted leap year (in 2010, yes). It seems to have been forgiven by the public, but let’s see. This also makes me wonder if this’ll happen again.

Sony Acquires Media Molecule, makers of Little Big Planet – A good move for them as, questions on sales aside, Little Big Planet was impressive.

Scandal and weirdness between Infinity Ward and Activision. Looks like Call of Duty is in Infinity Ward’s hands.

Hi5’s API is going to work with Facebook

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Did Sony handle the PS3 meltdown issue appropriately?

-Steven Savage