Weekly Challenge: The Parts of Victory

I want you to think about one of your finest achievements this week.

Go on, pick one.  Don't worry about being arrogant or whatever, I'm sure it's something worthy of your analysis.

Now, turn it over in your mind and ask yourself this – what were the major parts of it?  Write down the major parts of that great achievement.  For instance if you're quite proud of your first novel think of the formatting, the editing, the writing, and the inspiration.

Now see each of those parts?  Break them down.  Write down those parts.

Keep going until you can't break things down anymore – or you get tired of it (I give you until you get to 14-20 different parts).

All our great achievements are made of smaller ones.  It's important to remember that, especially because, as we get used to them, we forget it.

It's also easy to forget how we built ourselves up, accumulated our strength, and made our dreams possible.

So take a moment to find the small parts of your life that became something awesome.  Next time you want to do something incredible, you mind find the perspective useful for building yourself up.

– Steven Savage