Weekly Challenge: Alternate Fandom

I talk a lot about people using their hobbies on the job or in their careers.  Actually it's why I'm here, so I suppose I can be forgiven.

We spent a lot of time getting to know what we like and how to make a living at it, but a different view always helps, so here's a weekly exercise for you . . .

Take a moment to think over what you do in your favorite fandoms and hobbies.  Think about how those interests do or can work to help you and guide you in your career.

Now, pick a fandom or hobby way different from your current one.  What, if for some reason, would you do if you were part of that fandom?  What, based on that speculation, would you then want to turn into a career or use on the job?

Get an outside view – and see what you've learned about yourself.

(I myself learned from this exercise I'd probably be a great civil engineer . . . )

– Steven Savage