Weekly Challenge: The Next Step?

I want you to speculate on your success.

Really, sit down now and outline an image of success for one of your projects or jobs.  What is that perfect job, ideal game release, fantastic costly, etc.  Pick something and describe it to yourself.

Mull it over.  Feel it.  Enjoy it.

Now . . . what happens next?

What happens when that Tripe-A game ships?  That novel comes out?  What happens when you get that ideal job with that ideal company?

What's your step after that?

We often focus so much on success we miss that past the milestone is the rest of our lives.

So take a moment to look at what happens when you reap your rewards – and find out what's next.  You may be surprised at what you have planned – or what gaps you face.

For that matter, how far out do your plans go?

– Steven Savage