News of the Day 5/12/2010

More insight on what's going on in economics, another lawsuit against Apple, more sufferng at Viz, and much, much more! It's must-know geeknews time!

How your resume tells a story – With yours truly quoted in the article.

Sometimes for your personal branding you want to give up center stage.

Germany may be bailing out Greece, but according to Spiegel, German companies were happy to work with Greece, and it's blatant traditions of bribery. A bit wonky, but informative, and does make a point about corruption in Greece – and how "consultants" are often a method to get briges.

How Greece and the EU problems are an example of the "trilemma" of democracy, globalization, and the nation state – you can have 2 at the same time, but not 3. Smart look at economics, politics, and psychology – and the future -in one article.

A look at the 'recovery' and why it's not – Not only a good warning, but a (largely) clear look at economic issues for people.

A glorious chart on the cost of cars. Insightful and interesting – and a good example of why in our household we're adding people but not cars.

Geek Law:
Now HTC files a patent suit against Apple. The author also made this awesome graph of who is suing who in the mobile space.

Anime and Manga:
Viz had some severe layoffs – With analysis.

Social Media:
Google seeks social media exec – Clearly wanting to do more in the social media space, which they haven't done spectacularly in. Lots of money and a good name to throw around, they could probably make quite a splash if they wanted to. With the right leadership. Of course that could also mean jobs at Google . . .

Microsoft's office and hotmail efforts an assault on Google Mail? Looks like it. Note how everyone is going to services these days? Seems like a trend – and as of late I've gotten the feeling Microsoft is finding its footing and is producing some sharp product – and Office 2010 is out of course.

Looks like IBM is planning for some takeovers into 2015. So what plans do they have? Looks like improving services and software that have good margins.

Closing Geekery:
Kanji Transformers – Letters that become the animal they stand for. Awesome.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What should Google's next Social Media move be?

– Steven Savage