News of the Day 5/31/2010

Russian investment, Kickstarter for investment, and Google devesting itself of Windows? It's all here in our must-know geeky job news!

Does the Indie Craft movement fit some theories of the Great Reset

A look at Kickstarer and its use in raising money for creative efforts.

Summer jobs? There aren't many of them. I'm with the blogger – the long-term impact on younger people worries me.

Geek Law:
Woman sues Google over Map directions leading to injury. I want to follow this one as people rely quite a bit on online navigation. I don't think it will succeed – I think it may lead to a small out-of-court settlement – but it could spawn other suits.

Anime and Manga:
Gen Fukunaga speaks on the future of Funimation, with plenty of useful insights.

Social Media:
Quit Facebook Day flops. People will probably be talking about it on Facebook.

A collection of useful social media resources.

Russia a big future tech hub? Apparently an equity firm thinks so as they're investing in a major tech center. Seems to me Russia is in our geek news more and more and that bears watching.

Apple sells two million iPads and counting. No one acts surprised.

Is Google getting rid of Windows internally? I'd want to hear more, but I can see it – it's quite easy with available technologies. Now what reaction this will produce if true . . .

More on the Asus tablet. I'm biased towards Asus, but they do make good stuff, so I'm positive on this product. I also want to see how it does since I figure tablets are the wave of the future for many product lines -it's just a question of whose will do best.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you think the Google-gets-rid-of-Windows story is legitimate?

– Steven Savage