Product Idea: Caffinated Ramen!

(I've wanted to return to our Go Farther columns, back to the idea of Idea Tithing I've mentioned earlier.  If we're going to talk geeky and fannish careers and jobs, we might as well give folks new ideas!)

Geeks have their traditional foods, of course, the meals and drinks of the convention, the game session, the anime jam, and the programming session.  If you've been to any of these events, you can quickly recall what people were eating and drinking, and perhaps a few jokes about the geek diet that people have made.

So let me propose something I think would go over well in geek, and especially otaku communities.

Someone needs to make Caffeinated Ramen.

Think about it.  Caffeine from whatever source (preferably natural) blended into the noodles themselves, perhaps with a few additional flavorings to make its taste less obvious, as some forms of caffeine are quite bitter.  Then make sure it comes in a cup with various flavors people are used to.  Make the caffeine a good 80 milligrams, what you'd get from a good cup of coffee.

There.  You've just created a Fusion Geek Food, noodles that will wake you the heck up.

Imagine how this would sell at conventions and geektastic areas.  Yes right now you're probably nodding, even if you have a feeling of creeping horror that the idea is both so right and so wrong.  You're probably even thinking of how it could be done.

So there's an idea for you entrepreneurs out there – Caffeinated Ramen.  The greatest geek food combined with a big buzz.

Get to work . . .

– Steven Savage