Convention Idea: Homework

The roundup of convention ideas is here.

Conventions are fun.  Even those professional events that go into excruciating detail about art programs or the challenge of voice acting careers are fun.  You're among friends, learning new things, at times dressed strangely, and eating food most people wouldn't eat, and in some cases can't identify.

Ever thought about tossing a bit of homework in there?

Yes, when you do those professional events and panels, see if the people running them want to throw in a homework assignment, such as:

  • A suggested reading list, and telling people they should read at least one book.
  • A "must-do" list for people related to the skills, such as suggesting they try out a given set of markets.
  • A set of graphic templates for people doing CGI to color or work with, burned on a DVD.
  • A list of professional communities at social media sites to join.

I've had success with this because when you list something as an assignment, playfully call it homework, people are more likely to do it – because it's all part of the fun of the convention and they want to get to work.  They're jazzed after the convention, and ready to do more with what you taught them, and homework fills that need.

So if you want to add more to your professional panels and events, maybe it's time to throw in a little homework.

Maybe of course you should call it something different, but . . .

– Steven Savage