Forgotten Geek Job Resources

You know how you want a job?  You know how you're a blatant geek?  Guess what, as you sit there panicking over your employment, you've forgotten the unique resources that you have to help you find a job.

Yes, here are the geek job resources people forget.

Your Social Network: Honestly, have you told your fellow geeks, anime fans, et al you're out of work?  Then go do it.  You're probably got a lot of people you play games with, read fanfic with, or chat with.  Go see if they can help.

Your Favorite Companies: Those publishing, gaming, and technology companies you're mad for?  Come on, go to their sites and check out their career options.  If you get an interview, think of all the knowledge you have from using their products.  Ask yourself – whose products do I admire and use that I'd want to work for?

Your Industry Knowledge: Hand-in hand with your company knowledge, your blatant meekness means you know a lot about certain industries.  Rack your brains and see if you know any trends that suggest potential ideas for employment.

The Internet: Yes, you probably know there are job search sites, but you're forgetting that the Internet has:

  • Resources to research companies, from to
  • Ways to get news feeds on companies that you may want to work for – or in fact they may have RSS feeds or other ways to send you information.
  • Do research on companies in detail.
  • Random surfing for ideas.

Your Creativity:  Come on, you're the person that created incredible fanart, ran a fan site, cosplayed something that couldn't normally exist in 3 dimensions, or wrote epic fanfic.  Start dreaming up career ideas!

Go on, let's see some geek pride – and appreciate what you have for resources!

– Steven Savage