News Of the Day 6/17/2010

More E3, trouble in the EU, and lots of motion in gaming – and media. It's must-know jobs for career geeks!

Next up in the European Disunion, Span seems ready to cause trouble over how its banks are treated. How? By releasing results of stress tests for banks – which will mean of course challenging others to do the same, like say, France and German who are sort of on the hook to solve the financial issues in Europe.

Catch up on where Silicon Valley (and it's counterparts) may go with an interesting quick interview with the president of Silicon Valley Joint Ventures.

Are we witnessing the end of 'Over-simplified Capitalism'? This article argues yes, noting that simplistic and contradictory ideas of the 'invisible hand' have gotten us into the current mess.

I think we may have the next big anime sensation – Hot Topic is carrying Black Butler merchandise. If you're not familiar with Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji, think of it as 'Jeeves and Wooster' with demons and death gods and a disturbingly handsome perfect butler. You got it – fandom fuel.

Comics is an industry that has its ups and downs. But did you ever think of store demographics? Here's some speculation on a possible Manhattan Comic Shop Meltdown. One of those things we may never think of . . .

Geek Law:
Oracle in lawsuit saying they bilked federal money. Not good for them, not the only suit. Oracle's pricing strucutres aren't wildly popular anyway, and ths will probably ma people wonder what kind of deal they'e getting as is.

Yes, Joe Lieberman wants the president to have a kind of kill switch for internet companies. Or in short, extending emergency powers to the internet – including shutoff orders to companies. Why am I not comfortable with this?

CFO's at media comapnies are big on digital and mobile media even as things aren't pleasant in the market. So you have a good idea of where media companies will be putting their efforts, and where you'll want to put yours.

Is Pixar losing it's originality? With so many sequels, the question is raised.

Anyone remember Quark, and its use in publications? Yeah, me either. Anyway, it appears that they're back and hankering to get a piece of the market from Adobe with some new partnerships. Sounds interesting, and if they take advantage of current market trends, it may position them well. Plus Adobe has enough issues as it is, so this might alter their dynamic. Now can Quark Express make it easier to make a compliant ePub please . . .

Social Media:
Privacy groups still want more changes at Facebook. My guess is Facebook is going to follow their lead. Now if they're further emboldened, what other high-profile companies will come under scruitiny – and how many are, but we don't know as Facebook is in the spotlight? (is it your company?)

Hey programmers, maybe your future is using retailer APIs.


CBS is experimenting with HTML 5 and seems quite positive on it, even if the experiences are limited. It seems rather obvious the iPad is one of the big drivers towards HTML 5, so ignore it at your own peril if you're a developer or in online video.

Video Games:
Of course here's your E3 Roundup.

Live-stream gaming and OnLive competitor Gaikai has signed up EA as a partner and will carry some of their games. Sounds like a good move for them – and makes it look like there will be a lot of headbutting with OnLive. Why would companies want their games on one service, after all? Still I'm cynical about this streaming-gaming idea, but I'll watch what happens.

67% of households in the USA playing video games. Considering the many sources, not surprising. Now you have a statistic to throw in the face of people who wonder why you want a game career.

Mythic lays off more people. I'm starting to wonder if the Warhammer fantasy game is going to survive all this.

QUESTION OF THE DAY:Is the Facebook privacy issue going to spread to other social media services?

– Steven Savage