News Of The Day 6/22/2010

Plenty of people raising venture capital, virtual goods are good, and the iPad saves a classic magazine. Gear up for must-know progeek news goodness!

Why you may want a professionally written resume. Resume writing services are there for a reason – and you might find it's worth it.

Expect home prices to continue to fall into 2011.  Expect me to buy one . . . probably never.

Mobile Virtual goods? $168 million in revenue last year. Looks like a good market is out there for such things, with quite a base of users.

Gourmet Magazine revived as iPad App. Tablets giving magazines a new lease on life? Not surprising, and of course, that will only encourage more people to try this approach.

Social Media:
What Facebook is doing right. They've taken a lot of hits – let's take a look at what they're doing right.

Apple has sold 3 Million iPads. No one is surprised. Frankly when people talk about the iPad competes with this device or that device they forget it competes with MANY devices. Tablets are here folks, they're not going away, Apple set the trail . . .

Investment Roundup and people who may need your resume: Clearwire raises $290 million, Playdom raises $33 million and wants to start acquiring other companies, and finally game-with-your-mind company Neurosky raises $11.8 million – maybe that's the next thing beyond the motion-controlled gaming?

There's tons of Wrestling suddenly coming to YouTube. Quite a nice deal, for quite a dedicated fandom. Now what other dedicated media properties and phenomena might YouTube pursue . . .

Video Games:
There's a subset of social gamers that provide the major profits in virtual goods. Food for thought – people spend a lot or spend nothing, essentially.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What other media groups, specific shows or events, could benefit from an arrangement with YouTube?

– Steven Savage