News of the Day 6/23/2010

DC gets into eComics in a big way, and news on Android, and . . . oh heck, DC is going eComics! And some other stuff!

Five ways to research your career.

MUST READ: A look at what your purchasing dollars get you in consumer electronics compared to decades ago. A fun, simple, and thought-provoking look.

Remember Russian Companies investing in the US? Looks like Russia is cultivating investment from names like Cisco and Twitter.

Anime and Manga:
How Manga Scanilation sites are skirting legal issues. A look at the continuing issues and battles over manga (and some other revelations about manga sites)

MUST READ (Also): DC Launches Digital Comics program. This is a doozy – it'll start with an iApp, but also ties into an online website and an affiliate program so stores can make money. Their focus seems to be mostly on collections and backlog, but one current title is in the new-new lineup. Looks like they're keeping Zuda. Also this is powered by ComiXology (who I suspect could use your resume). Big news as this is head-and-shoulders above Marvel's sort-of-not-a-strategy.

Some concerns over Android Apps and Security. Some commentary on mobile in general. Admittedly this isn't surprising – vetting processes are still evolving in the mobile market. Might be important for you developers to realize this issue and adapt – and market yourselves – accordingly.

And what is the outlook for Mobile developers? Looks like it's Apple near-term, Android Long-Term, and a heavy emphasis on Tablets. Nothing surprising here – keep in mind Android is probably going to get a larger distribution base than iPhone in the end.

160,000 Android devices are selling a day. Just to give you some more numbers on all of this.

Social Media:
Facebook CEO says they'll hit a billion members next year.

Technology: raises $14 million. Never heard of them, but it seems this online ad campaign company sounds like they know what they're doing. Resume worthy?

Video Games:
PapayaMobile raises $4 million – for social Android games. Is it just me or is Android suddenly getting a lot of attention this week?

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What will other comics companies do in light of DC's announcement?

– Steven Savage