News Of The Day 6/28/2010

Kindle, Kindle, Kindle. Changes in domains. And more bandwidth for all! It's the latest in must-know geeky job news!

Paul Krugman is concerned that we're heading for another depression. I think he's being overly grim in the light of some of the weirdness at the G20 summit, but he is right that that austerity measures really don't look like they'll help.

Richard Florida on how work/life is changing and what that means for lives and careers. Work and life are blurring, and that means cultural shifts.

Geek Politics:
Current administration plans to double available wireless spectrum. Wireless device makers plan to fill it. Shows good technical awareness on the part of the administration.

Anime and Manga:
A look at the differences in visual language between American Comics and Manga.

Jeff Loeb is the Executive VP of Television for Marvel Entertainment. Mr. Loeb has good comics experience, so I expect he's going to bring the insider knowledge for success. This also tells me Marvel's new initiatives for TV are likely to be ones that really show knowledge of the properties in question – or in short, the new Marvel TV stuff will probably be good. Prepare your resumes.

Apple iPhone 4 sells 1.7 million units in 4 days. That's pretty impressive, if not entirely unexpected. A shame about some of the antenna issues though.

Google Docs? The previews on iPad, iPhone, and Android are now high-fidelity. This is only for Docs, but clearly shows Google's continued interest in the mobile space, in maintaining their own omnipresence, and of course. This recongition of the mobile market is important- and means, yes, comptetitors need to follow suit.

The .XXX domain is on its way. It just looks like it's going to be an option with no requirements to use it. Well, it'll be there if someone wants to use it. However, keep in mind that this opens up whole new areas in domain ownership – will companies want to have the .xxx domain for their name? What about previous name ownerships? Will it be a haven to redirects? If you work in web tech, these issues may affect you.

Why don't Christian Bookstores have more science fiction? (Hey, seriously, Ray Bradbury people?). Some speculative thought on religious affiliation, literature, and culture – and untapped markets.

You are never too old to write. An 82 year old writer gets a 3 book deal. So get writing.

If you are an 82-year old writer – or just a writer – you'll welcome Kindle for Android. Boost to android, boost to Amazon, and of course yet again changing the playing field for we writers trying to figure out the best way to publish our stuff.

Of course, you may also want to see that Kindle on iPad, Iphone, and iPod touch. Kindle price cuts, Kindle on Android, Kindle on iEverything – just what is Amazon's plan?

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What will be the economic impact of the .XXX domains? I can see registrars profiting quite well.

– Steven Savage