News of the Day 6/10/2010

More geek movies, security breaches, and Playdom heads to Europe while other social game companies head to the East. it's must-know geek news!

A short column on the idea that the Housing crash and long-term unemployment are connected. This of course is quite logical, and fits everything I've heard before – home ownership actually increases unemployment duration.

Anime and Manga:
American series Supernatural to become an anime possibly. A good choice for it – and I wonder if this is the Big Big Japanese/American fusion we've talked about on this blog before, the one that will create a more powerful synergy. Side thought – imagine other Western properties that could benefit or fit an anime adaption such as Firefly, Buffy, Smallville, etc. There used to be an internet joke page for an anime Babylon 5 but . . . I'd watch it and probably purchase Cute Magical Sidekick Zathras. If this does unlease creative fusion, that could mean opportunities . . .

The unreleased Green Lantern movie has a sequel and it's writers will also work on a movie adaption of The Flash.  It appears that DC is geared up in full for films.

That Thundercats live movie may still be happening, depending on the cartoon reception. Do I sense a further move into synergy on the part of Warner Brothers, who appears to be looking at at other such things?


AT&T Security flaw Exposes iPad user email addresses – in case you haven't seen this all over the technical news. Bad for Apple, but it's also another blow to AT&T's image. Also a good example of how in a world where technologies depend on each other, it just takes one company/provider to mess up things for everyone else.

Video Games:
Playdom seeks to branch into Europe, by language-localizing games. Sounds promising to me.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What's DC's next likely property to develop?

– Steven Savage