Newsof the Day 6/7/2010

Plenty of iPhone news, print by email, and SoftBank is getting into American Social Media companies . . . it's your must-know geek news!


The Five Steps of a Bubble, a nice and readable look.

Anime and Manga:
Looks like Ankama and Tokyopop are teaming up. to do some German publishing.

Funimation keeps going, working on a film with BioWare based on Dragon Age: Origins. I knew there was enthusiasm for Dragon Age to be a multmedia propery, this fits. It also shows Funimation isn't in as dire stratis as some may fear.


Find out what it's like to work in the writer's room in TV – In an insightful mixed interveiw. Must read for anyone interested in media writing.

Seinfeld went off the air 12 years ago. It's Made $2.7 billion since then. Reruns/syndication are hugely profitable for some shows, and a good reminder making the right show can be an investment.

It's an iPhone roundup:

Social Media:
Yahoo is serously integrating with Facebook. They've got nothing to loose, and it's useful. Still I see this as another sign Yahoo is just kind of . . . there. Just trying to survive.

Zynga's next target is Japan. It just allied with SoftBank. RockYou got $10 million in investment from Softbank. Hmmm, it seems SoftBank is trying to cover as much ground as possible – so who might they ally with or invest in next? Check more on them here. They're even the only iPhone carrier in Japan . . .

HP is working on printers with their own email address. So you print by sending an email – which makes it great for mobile devices. A nice idea, and one I can see having many uses beyond the mobile (try, sheer convenience).

Video Games:
The latest issue of the Review of General Psychology is all about gaming. Tasty, tasty research for techs, game programmers, marketers, and more.

QUESTION OF THE DAY:  Print by e-mail sounds like a great idea – so what are the potential problems?

-Steven Savage