News Of the Day 7/20/2010

The Android Invasion is here – only it's OSes, not humanoid machines. Plus, why you want to be in the business of consumer electronic doodads. If it's weird geeky career news, it's here!

Do people really know how to use Social Media to evaluate job candidates?

What Eggnog taught one person about getting hired.

China and control of world resources – a paper. The presentation (and title) is sensationalistic. However the analysis is more sober – China's attempts to access and control resources gives them power while opening access.

A roundup of information on the growing e-book market. A good read and some good links – and it helps you get a grasp of how e-publishing is taking off.

How will the Fashion Mag Industry survive? Shopping, localization, and more. A nice review of what they're likely to be doing and doing now – which sounds like turning into a media/shopping fusion.

Here come the Android Tablets: Lenovo developing an Android Tablet for late 2010, and Asus' Eee Pad in early 2010. The Asus move, away from Windows CE, though not unexpected is significant, since it's another blow to Microsoft. It appears Android's place is becoming assured – and it always seems to be a counter to Apple, doesn't it? Android is even more important for you developers out there, so get learning.

Skinit raises $60 million. What do they do? They make vinyl skins for laptops, phones, etc., often with branding. So all those cute cell phone covers and laptop skins and the like? One of the companies behind them just raised tons of money. There's a market I never thought of – and one apparently you may want to consider – technology doodads.

Is your career helping Defend the US against cyberattacks? This story has been making the rounds, about how the US isn't up to snuff.

Video Games:
Game streaming service Gaikai raises undisclosed amount of cash. Also a bit more on their strategy – which is more business-to-business and portal support.

Capcom and Namco to make crossover fighters? Sounds like money in the bank to me if done right. And it sounds like several games, which sounds like some opportunities for people in gaming . . .

Social Games to be a $1.5 billion market in 2014.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Who else do you think is going to come out with an Android Tablet?

– Steven Savage