News Of The Day 7/5/2010

iTunes hacked, No Nintendo games on iOSes, and a few other tidbits on an otherwise slow news day!

Want to be a community manager? here's what itinvolves Note that now the incomparably cool Laurie Rutterman is at Brazen Careerist too . . .

Steve Martin's awesome business card.

Richard Florida notes we need a full-on economic reset. Won't find me arguing.

Social Media:
5 social media trends to watch right now. A few things to think of.

A iTunes hacking scam to raise the profile of a book (which was taken down by the sysops), may raise a few questions about Apple technology. Me, I think it won't, it merely shows the complexities faces.

Video Games:
PC gaming poised for a comeback? Epic's VP Mark Rein thinks so. What do you think?

Looks like Nintendo has no plans to develop for Apple iOSes. Considering the rivalry in mobile space, I'm not surprised. Let's see if this continues . . . but right now if you're an iOS developer, no space at Nintendo for you.

Free To Play Isn't Dying. Some reasons why.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Will Nintendo ever budge on the iOS policy?

– Steven Savage