News Of The Day 8/11/2010

More Google-verision stuff, Netflix makes a big investment, and there's a Spider-Man musical. ONE of these things may be relevant to your career . . .

Re-inventing your Personal Brand? Learn from Pepsi.

Why the terms 'rockstar' and 'ninja' should be retired from the career lexicon. He makes a pretty good argument. I'd also note that thanks to Ominpresent Anime Naruto, people NOW tend to associate ninjas with spiky-haired boys in emergency orange who need ritalin.

The Bureal of Labor Statistics points out that unemployment hits people harder the less education they have. The numbers are at the link.

The state aid package, which should prevent some unpleasant layoffs. Some of the politics around it also may come back during the upcoming campaigns.

The Federal Government of the US is rethinking it's home ownership promoting policies in the wake of the housing market meltdown. Not sure what repercussions it can have, but that's a change after decades upon decades of policies so there will be repercussions.

Geek Law:
More on the Google-Verizion Net Neutrality dustup. The EFF Roundup points out the major parts of it presents a balanced and sane analysis, and calls out some interesting things you may have missed (like standards bodies). Meanwhile Facebook criticizes the deal, which is not surprising on several levels. Questions of the proposal aside, I think Google and Verizon both come out of this looking bad, though a part of me suggests that may have been one of the goals – in order to get the FCC to get moving.

Spider-Man musical opens December 2010. I got nothing.

Both cool and possibly on the send-a-resume-to list, Treesaver provides an HTML-driven way to publish magazines online. May they have success, because juggling all the different e-formats is driving me nuts.

Disney profits beat expectations. I know, not surprising. I still put Disney on the list of Companies Worth Working For, and the CEO seems to get social gaming.

Media spending is outpacing the US economy. Keep that in mind, career-wise. Part of my theory on this is that with today's technology, a lot of media delivers great bang for the buck.

Social Media:
Want that social media job? It may not be what you think. Also some good tips on social media in general here.

Why games ARE the Killer App for social networks.

Profile of InDinero, a company that helps small business track transactions? Boring? Uninteresting? Think how cheap they can make things for businesses and think again . . . and if you have your own small business . . .

Well Google is doing something tomorrow. Just no idea what.

Netflix is going to pony up $900 million to get the rights to add a large amount of films to their streaming service. Sounds like an expensive deal, but the streaming service really seems to be doing well – I hear good things, and I myself use it all the time.

Video Games:
Get the numbers on the US Games industry from salaries to employee count and more.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you think Netflix will get enough benefit from this huge deal?

Steven Savage