News of The Day 8/6/2010

Dismal economic news which is bad, Disney gets a dismal property that is good, Supernatural the Anime makes dismal monster-fighting cool, and the chance to send money from iPhone to iPhone is anything but dismal! Let's go and see what's dismal and what's coolin geek career news!

A quick crib sheet on what to ask an employer.

Thoughts on how we can get rid of Business Cards. I'm gonna give it decades for it to go away if ever.

Consumer credit declines in June – Not surprised in any way shape or form. I actually think this might be a good thing.

Unemployment picture? Still like a horror film. Nonfarm payroll is ugly still – complete with unpleasant charts. Also things aren't good for people just not being in the workforce, despite a bit of a dip in the last few weeks. Lots of people just plain not looking . . .

Anime and Manga:
The teaser trailer for the anime adaption of 'Supernatural' is online. Doesn't give me much on the show itself, but it looks kind of neat – and seems to take some different directorial take than the show.

DC Comics Senior VP of Creative Affairs is leaving in the next three months. Wonder what that's going to mean for DC and their continuing changes.

More Disney News – They acquired the rights to the gritty comic Oblivion. A minor thing apparently, but Disney is on the move, so let's see what else happens.

The Globalization of Major League Baseball Talent – Because sports geeks are geeks too, and let's face it, this is just awesome chartiliciousness.

By 2012 Android is projected to outstrip iPhone worldwide. Of course 18 months is a long time, but I still say (and I know Bonnie will agree) that you can't go wrong knowing about Android as a programmer, marketer, and more.

Exchange money via bumping iPhones? Bump technology is going to allow it. The tech has been there for awhile, but this is going to be something that will appeal to many people. More on Bump here

Social Media:
Gaia Interactive gets a new CEO – It's Mike Sego, who's been there as CPO, and has quite a background. Good for Gaia? I'd say so – so what's next for them?

Facebook on 'Lockdown' to deal with Google– No, they're really calling it that. This is not just a plan, it's an attitude. So let's see what Facebook does as it gears up to produce something Google can't dilute.

Education Online's future is getting social according to this author. If you work in education or thought of it, something you may want to consider.

Apple's new try-before-you-buy not what you may think – Well, it's a start.

Google is aiming for small business with a new blog.

Video Games:
Zynga's probable rival in Japan made a ton of money in Q1 – $279 million. This makes me want to get the popcorn . . .

Is the Novella making a comeback – Something for you writers out there to think about.

QUESTION OF THE DAY:So do you think the Novella is making a comeback?

-Steven Savage