News of The Day 9/21/2010

DC's big changes are set forth, NY Comic Con gets more game-oriented, and by the way, Pokemon is big. Must-Know Geek News, I choose you!

Yes, we know about the Twitter Exploit. Here's Slashdot, whose comments have some nice details.

Seth Godin has an oddly poetic thought on the 'two recessions' and makes the point we've got fundamental change here.

Looks like a long recovery from the recession, Godin's comments nonwithstanding.

DC's multimedia options move to Los Angeles. Publishing stays in New York. It's a clearly stated move to help develop film and digital property. I'm betting not everyone in NY moves to LA – so this might be a job opportunity if you're in LA (and a recruiting opportunity otherwise), and perhaps a source of conflict for people who don't want to move.

On top of the move, the Wildstorm imprint is cancelled at DC, and ZUDA moves under the DC banner.

Cool companies with investment roundup: 3D light source maker Laser Light gets $13 million in investment which isn't surprising with the continuing (if subdued) interest in 3D. Data Management company ActiFio gets $16 million, seems very ambitious, and is in the ever-geeky Boston area. Resumes out, people . . .

Google sets up a service to show where governments have requested information or demanded things be taken down. An interesting way to counteract censorship and embarass censors perhaps? Maybe Google is finding ways to strike back, and this sounds rather clever.

Video Egg to buy Six Apart. I can't say it's a bad deal actually, and the combined entity may be broad yet powerful – sounds like the goal is a comprehensive media company. As we're hosted on TypePad I kind of hope for the best, obviously. Sounds like there won't be any or many layoffs – and I'd watch to see how this pays off, VideoEgg might be a company to work for in the future.

Netflix to launch streaming in Canada tomorrow – and it sounds like it's an experiment for further expansion. Looks like it'll butt heads with, Canada's equivalent of Redbox – who wants to go into streaming. This could get interesting – though I'm impressed with Netflix enough that I think they can offer strong competition in to anyone.

Video Games:
There will be a large video game presence at the NY Comic-Con. Which is not surprising as the geek-marketing-convention fusion continues at several major events. I'm sure this will also raise controversy about the purpose of these events and their focus – but lets face it, if you want marketing and presence . . .

Bigpoint to launch an MMO using Silverlight. I present this more as a curiosity about Silverlight adaption for you technically-minded folks.

Shocking no-one, Pokemon Black and White is selling well in Japan. On that note, have a brilliant fake 'Gritty Pokemon' trailer – and notice Brock never opens his eyes . . .

MUST READ: How to add game mechanics to a non-gaming service. Really thought-provoking.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Just what online services could use a little "gameness"?

Steven Savage