News Of The Day 10/1/2010

We just lost the charismatic,driven, and talented Tony Curtis, and now I'm sad to say we lost the writing/producing genius Stephen J. Cannell. Just looking over this list I'm amazing how famous some of his work is.

In these moments I always remind myself that its up to us to replace the greats no longer with us.

Now to the news:

The people that will get a bigger raise than you. I'd also note they're likely to get the job beofre you too.

PR Skills – relevant no matter where you go

Gold is 'Hyper-Overbought' says Dennis Gartman. I think he's got a point, gold buying in a crisis seems to be a fad, not a rational calculation. Hmm, could we have a gold bubble . . .

Savings is up, and here's just how they're saving. Mmmm, delicious infographic!

And another yummy infographic, State Debt represented visually. Not only is this informative, this graph is a work of sheer genius. Appreciate what this tells you about relocation, AND the graphical brilliance.

Cleantech investement seems down – I do agree there was a bit of a bubble.

Don't expect the flood of apps to let up – There's money (and low delivery costs) in there, and lots of investors.

Microsoft's lawsuit against the Motorola Droid? Targeting Android according to this article.

Video Games:
Taliban removed from multiplayer by EA in next 'Medal of Honor' – I imagine it was rather too close. This makes me wonder just what game companies will do with historic events – considering they've mined WWII, will there be more issues of historical sensitivity in the future?

An everyday life MMO/casual game merger? Not sure what to make of this, but it sounds like an interesting fusion of gaming – playing (originally) ordinary people in a setting. Presented for curiosity.

MUST READ: The Social/Social Media Sensation of Minecraft. Lots of great insights and tidbits. I'm intrigued by the social nature of the success – but also the idea of a constantly-updated game being part of the future.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Minecraft – exception or the future of game marketing?

Steven Savage