News of the Day 10/15/2010

Anime Kiosks? Blogs to Books? Money in science? More questions? Answers here in the must-know geeky career news!

The clues someone is a smart job hunter – Are you leaving clues?

Economics/Geekonomics (or "Fraudclosure Follies" as of late)
MUST READ: The primary concerns of the Fraudclosure mess – Nice, simple, easy to understand, and a reason to change your underwear. Reead so you get up on the financial issues that might well mess the economy up – again.

MUST READ: Where global financial centers are. Plus some interesting discussion of what makes a global financial center and how they change. Great, informative read.

MUST TOLERATE: I like the term "Fraudclosure" and am going to be using it. Be warned.

Anime and Manga:
Digital Manga and Tokyopop put 12 more titles on eManga, from BLU. Included for continuing news on the electronic manga front.

Media Blasters to launch Anime Kiosks – Ala Redbox. One can also buy the DVD on a site after renting it. My first reaction is that this sounds way too specialized and limited, but then again I thought Redbox sounded like a weird idea so I could be wrong. It's certainly experimental, and would allow for targeted marketing. I'm going to see what happens and remember my past inaccuracies.

Demand media forms blog distribution network. Might be good for any of you bloggers there (though mostly it seems to be a way to get attention, not make money). Can't really say much more until I investigate it, so I present it for your interest. Yes, I will take a look at it.

Borders makes deal with BookBrewer – This is to let authors publish eBooks at Borders via BookBrewer (yay. More formatting fun for us authors), but also to turn an RSS feed into a book. THAT is intriguing. I'd pay attention to BookBrewer, and to how this goes, and keep it in mind for your blog. If you try it, let me know. (Me, I'm still doing this by hand for now).

eBook sales surge. I know eBook sales of my books are outstripping print.

Anadys Pharmeceuticals raises $25 million – via stock offering as well. Throw in their location in San Diego and the fact they provide medication for Hepatitis and you've got a good deal here science and medgeeks . . .

Exelixis gets a nice $60 million with a new deal with Bristol Myers. They sound like they're bouncing back after a tough time, that's a nice chunk of change, AND they're in the geektastic Bay Area.

Study Blue, a study and study tool service Raises $3.65 million. They're also experimenting with a freemium model. Worth your attention? May be in an age of online teaching and products like the Kno . . .

Newspapers are right to be worried about Tablet Screen Size.

Netflix on PS3 to be improved, discless. World domination continues. Right now every device plugged into my TV runs Netflix . . . OK most, I have to double-check . . . but you get the idea.

Video Games:
Video game sales down again. I can't say I'm surprised – I am depressed, but not surprised. I don't think it's an industry to avoid, but the message here is that, in gaming, pick your employer carefully.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: How much more will game sales decline?

Steven Savage