News Of The Day 10/22/2010

Verizon beats estimates and shows their future plans!  Kabam expands!  Microsoft has a Web Based App Store!  Plenty of things headed for the future as we close out the week in geeky news!

Economics/Geekonomics/Total Economic Disasternomics:
MUST READ: More Foreclosure Fraud for Dummies – now with Part Five

The Future is B.S. – A hilariously insightful article on the economic weirdness of the future.

Verizon beats estimates for Q3. It will not surprise you to learn this is due to smartphones. Also some rumors that it'll get the iPhone as well. I'd note that I think Verizon is trying to expand beyond phone services to be a kind of full-scale consumer electronics reseller with its own phone services and related as just part of the offering (a part of course that ties into the reselling a LOT). That actually seems to be a smart strategy – and they can offer a more "boutique" service ala the Apple Store.

AOL seems to be loosing editors. Not sure I agree with the analysis here, but I find it curious in general. AOL's hyperlocal switch would mean a change in editorial function, but at the same time I also wonder if this is part of a larger turnover/change-of-guard.

HP launches it's Slate. Doesn't seem half bad, and the price itself seems reasonable for what it does.

Netflix is consuming a lot of bandwidth. Just noting. World domination continues.

A compelling argument that the future of TV is html. Rough upshot? It's easier. However this article takes a good look at the Everythign Wars going on in video, from Google TV being blocked to more.

And yes, as noted Three broadcasters blocked the web-based versions of their shows from Google's Web TV – Google is in talks to resolve that. More growing pains as part of the inevitable move towards web video.

Video Games:
Microsoft launches browser-based Games store. Anyone surprised? Yeah, I thought so. The online store is the way to go.

Kabam continues to expand with the purchase of Wonderhill studio, which has some nice games going for it. Resume-worthy company perhaps?

Atlus bounces back to profitability this year – And it's mostly due to the beautiful, deliberately insanely-hard Demon's Souls. This is very good for the oddball/cult-hit publisher, and may give us a few insights into demographics and advertising of games. I know I got Demon's Souls based on the hype surrounding it, enjoyed it for its looks and challenge . . . and then stopped playing as it wasn't that relaxing. But it was a great game!

Video Games-MMO:
This may not be something everyone thinks of, but DC Universe Online is really fleshing out a good name voice cast. Considering the importance of the voice actors to Batman: Arkham Asylum, I wonder if this is not only good production, but good marketing?


Steven Savage