News of the Day 10/28/2010

We have some news on the GDP, pictures from Captain America, Tablet info from Asus . . . it's a juicy news day!

Well, the GDP grew 2%. Most of that seems to be less imports and more money in private inventory.

Yes, there are people being thrown out of their homes due to Fraudclosure.

Shots and more from the Captain America Movie. Actually pretty nice and interestingly retro (which fits the time period, but I'm impressed it looks good). Important film as Cap is a cornerstone of the Avengers film, and this film takes risks by taking place in WWII (a genre mined like crazy in media, but rarely for superhero films these days). I consider Thor, and to a lesser extent Captian America, to be a bit riskier superhero properties as they are outside of the standard all-in-the-modern-world superhero stories we're used to. If done well (and if successful) they open the gates for even more interesting adaptions. Side note – this has Lord of the Nerds Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull, so that's definitely a plus!

Disney trying out Toy Story Land? I'd like to see what else they're working on with other properties as this seems ambitious – and admittedly, pretty neat. Could Disney be looking to expand their park ideas and structure? Walt Disney himself viewed the park(s) as ever-changing . . .

AOL redesigns its home page as part of their mass strategy to re-evolve thesmelves.

Demand Media seems to be doing better. Remember they've got their fingers in a lot of pies and are looking at an IPO. They might be job-worthy as they make progress.

Some thoughts on what it takes to kill a hollywood career. Pretty interesting stuff. Major issue seems to be likeability and a lack of arrogance. I'd also add willingness to get one's act together and that people's standards for such things have changed. Submitted for the insights it provides on Hollywood – and the fact that actors and their troubles do affect what they work on.

Hot juicy tablet news here with more details on the Asus tablets. Asus looks very, very serious about their tablet efforts, and with the good technology they make (we use it here, we admit we're biased), I expect them to come out strong. With the success of their netbooks, I think Asus' entries in the Tabletpalooza are not only good for them, but probably good for further "tablet awareness" – and how many people won't think twice about dropping $399 on a nice tablet?

Microsoft is buying a chip company that does motion recognition – Canesta, who ironically is a rival to the company behind the Kinect, PrimeSense. My takeaway is A) Microsoft is going heavy into Motion Control, B) They're going a more consumer electronic approach, C) This may be for more than gaming, D) PrimeSense should be worried they'll get left behind OR bought.

Apple News: their revenue was higher than Microsoft's last quarter and they're the fourth largest handset vendor.

Data management and integration company Snaplogic gets $10 million in funding. It's hard to describe what they do simply, so I'd go check them out. Of course they've got $10 million, they're just north of Silicon Valley in San Mateo California, so once you DO understand what they do, send them a resume.

PlayOn Banned from Roku due to legal issues/risk issues. Is it just me or is there a lot of battling, banning, and backstabbing going on in video . . .

Video Games:
Amid all the foofaraw about the Nintendo 3DS being, well, 3D, it is going to have some new social features. I'd like more detail, and frankly some of these ideas may fly in Japan but may freak people out in the U.S. On the other hand, it shows Nintendo is trying to move forward in the soicial arena – I just get the impression they're not "there" yet.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What social media additions would work on portables?

– Steven Savage