News of the Day 10/28/2010

Bit of a slow news day today, but some stories are big!

Disney to do an adaption of Terry Pratchett's 'Mort'? It may seem an odd mix, though it is probably one of the more Disneyseque properties and would probably adapt well. The article notes Disney has some other ambitious stuff going on that may not see Disneylike – and I'd note that Disney seems to be trying to broaden themselves media-wise. Working with Pratchett properties (which have a huge appeal and heavy geek cred) could be very good for them both financially and reputation-wise. That of course could meet jobs – and imitators as people scramble for similar properties.

Aol gets a new GM. Changes keep happening at AOL. Not sure what this means – since it's already apparent AOL is already charging ahead.

Social Media:
Mashable is hiring editors and reporters. Go for it.

Redbox to eventually get into streaming. The article author thinks they could go faster. I'm not so sure I can see how they can compete with Netflix which has a huge base – it seems they'd be relying on being part of the right demographic. Me, I'd say a partership may work out better. Either way, a Netflix/Redbox showdown seems to be coming . . .

Video Games:
Halo Reach sells $350 million in 16 days. Nuff said really.

ZeniMax keeps buying. This time they got Tango Gameworks in Japan.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What strategy is best for Redbox?

– Steven Savage