News of the Day 11/10/2010

Lots of venture capital and investment today in geeky job news!

A look at home ownership percentages.

The markets hate uncertainty? Barry Ritholtz disagrees. He notes pundits may hate it – but markets thrive on it.

Video distribution startup Real Gravity nabs $3.2 million in investment. It's a video distribution tool company that provides ad supported video push. Interesting ideas, they got some money, and they're in geektastic San Francisco. Put here to note you should check them out – and their service might be useful as well.

Get the stats on Hulu here.

In case you havent thought of it Google TV is going to mess up web analytics. OK I hadn't thought of this, but yeah, Google TV will change how they're done, collected, and what they mean.

Video Games:
Methodology watch and resume watch: Social game company Summerlight comes out of stealth mode, won't put a version of its game (Spa Retreat) on Facebook, and is forming an alliance with an indie TV company. No I'm not sure if this is going to work, but it takes enough risks I'd like to see what happens. Even if this fails, it took a lot of cajones to try.

Online game-development platform and monetization company Turbulenz got $5 million in VC. They have a good pedigree, so I'd see what they van do – it's a little late in the game though.

Atari sales down, but losses not so bad. Sounds like they're changing their business model to mix online and freemium and fewer but more profitable games.

Bonus Geekery: Someone making a GameBoy emulator in Javascript and HTML 5.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Can social games make it without Facebook?

Steven Savage