News Of The Day 11/16/2010

A lot of news all over the map geek-news wise, so let's go!

Into Med Tech? Here's a list of companies in the San Diego Area.

Seth Godin is on a role with a discussion about arrogance. He notes arrogance is now used as a substitute for competence . . .

Yeah, don't expect an extenuation of jobless benefits. Yeah, I know jobless benefits are actually pretty stimulative. And yeah, the unemployed aren't just going to vanish or find jobs without these benefits.

Geek Law:
TechCrunch in the center of a post-acquisition legal battle. This has been building for awhile, but it complicates life after the acquisition.

Panasonic will start selling Android smartphones, making them . . . really not that unique. Sounds like a good move for them, considering they kind of sat out the whole smarthone thing.

An Indie Band Survival Guide? Sounds interesting. *I* might check this out to see if it's useful for other media . . .

Part twoof the Paid Content article on why the future of the digital book is big. Interesting, and frankly the point about economics being a driver is important. I'd also add that, with POD and Printers, the print book is going to be easier to get if wanted.

A review of the Color Nook. It sounds good overall, if a bit heavy and the app store isn't open.

Official Google Voice iPhone App available. So after all the issues with acceptance, the HTML 5 version, here's an App for Google Phone. I'm not exactly sure what this means, except the controversy may be over.

Adobe doesn't seem primed to sell to Microsoft. Their CEO seems pumped and notes Adobe is certainly doing better. Doesn't mean much except it somewhat clamps down on the possibility of a sale.

TechCruch reviews the Boxee Box. Sounds pretty decent.

Video Games:
Zynga releases two games on Yahoo. This continues their efforts to get beyond dependancy on Facebook. Smart move on their part. I also figure this will encourage others to make similar efforts.

Bizarre Creations is closed. Looks like their latest game didn't do good enough (and had some bad timing). That's 200 people out of work, and a pretty good reminder that gaming isn't that stable right now, and how important hits are.

A look at how motion control plays into our emotions. There's going to be a whole book on the subject, so that might be worth it for you game pros to pick up.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Is Panasonic too late to the game?

– Steven Savage