News Of The Day 11/30/2010

Google makes an offer for GroupOn, Yammer gets a ton of cash, Zynga has a new partnership, and the Wikileaks scandal may venture onto Fraudclosure!  Must-know geek news time go!

Restraunt Performance Index Up – Which may indicate consumer confidence is recovering. Also shared for the geekonomic value of using restraunt data . . .

That whole Wikileaks mess with the diplomatic document dump? Looks like the guy behind it may dump info on a major bank, probably Bank Of America. If he's got some nasty info on BofA and dumps it, this could A) further destabilize the state of the bank and others, and B) distract from the controversy over the diplomatic document dump. So my guess, is it's gonna happen.

And the mortgage/foreclosure mess is even worse as many foreclosures are due to servicer issues. Really, just read this one.

Social Media:
LinkedIn to add article-sharing button. I of course am pro LinkedIn, but also feel, objectively, this makes sense. Lots of people share with LinkedIn anyway, this just makes it easie (and lets people share to specific contacts). ALso worth USING on LinkedIn so you can share with your business contacts.

Zynga forms partnership with American Express. Membership reward points can be exchanged for virtual goods. A simple and effective partnership.

Prediction of the death of RIM. Meanwhile, analysts seem bullish on RIM due to their tablet.

That above article took some inspiration from an article on lessons learned from ten years in the tech news beat that is also worth reading.

Woah. Yammer gets $25 million in investment. I haven't followed them much, but $25 million for their enterprise messaging/microblogging service. Time to pay attention – and hey they got $25 million and they're involved in a hot area, so send a resume.

Google has made a $5.3 billion offer for Groupon. Groupon's board is going to meet on this. Google seems to be on a spree (though delaying their social media endeavors).

Video Games:
EA aiming at digital market for growth. No one is surprised.

QUESTION OF THE DAY:RIM – bright future or dark?  What do you think of their initiatives?

– Steven Savage