News of The Day 11/4/2010

Slow news day, with some mixed news in science, Hulu Plus going forward, and the Kinect in motion!

Wizard acquires New Orleans Comic Con. Just noting – since these conventions are big deals promotions and media-relations wise.

Is Cleantech investment going more downstream as opposed to focusing on generation? A potential trend to follow.

Panasonic sinks $30 million into Tesla Motors. That's interesting and makes me wonder what their future plans are. Might be worth following if you're into CleanTech and related technology.

Clearwire cuts 15% of employees. Sounds like this may not be over yet, so caution if you'relooking at them or working there.

Hulu Plus invites are now open. So go and check it out . . . and it's expanding on devices.

Video Games:
And of course Kinect goes on sale. What I'm hearing so far is pretty decent – my cynicism may not be justified. So now let's see how this goes . . .

QUESTION OF THE DAY: How do you think Kinect will do?

Steven Savage