News of the Day 11/9/2010

Several companies are doing well – but the American education system may not be keeping up. Investments a-plenty. Geek news time!

Signs you need a headhunter. Something to make you think. *I* personally think headhunters in the broadest sense (and that includes recruiters and temp agencies) should be part of most any job search.

How bad is the American Education system? A state-to-country comparison is depressing and informative. Certainly a factor affecting the US's development in the future.

The run on gold continues. Me, I sense a big, glittery bubble.

High frequency traders don't like the idea of regulation. They may be part of our economic instabillity, so attempts to reign them in are understandable.

Nokia to add swipe capacity to it's Symbian systems. Obviously they're competing with Android, but they are making an effort.

With Dorchester in trouble, one author self-publishes. Let's see the impact this has.

Zuora provides a subscription management and billing service. Not interested? Well consider just how useful that service is, and the fact they just got $20 million in investment. They have what sounds like a solid business model and allies, and I'd consider them resume-worthy. I'd also say they provide an interesting model of an "enabling" system in the modern media, a good place to be.

Some more details on the Kno tablets. I'm seeing mixed-to-slightly-negative assessments of the Kno plans on the internet (mostly around the cost), which I'm not sure are justified. Well we now know what they're doing and what it'll cost, so let's see if it works . . .

Video Games:
Bethesda (and others) are a target of a rant on how people support broken games. Admittedly some of the New Vegas problems were . . . well pretty severe. Considering people's love of fallout, does this issue have legs?

Gazillion, the folks who own Net Devil, raise $60 million. Lego Universe by NetDevil is looking good, and this is a LOT of money. Send a resume.

Bonus Geekery: H.G. Wells predicted one day we'd get news via the phone. MP> QUESTION OF THE DAY: So what is Gazillion going to DO with that much money?

Steven Savage