News of the Day 12/31/2010

The year ends – and we might see the end of Borders and MySpace in 2011. Plus we'll definitely see Crunchyroll going in the year to come. It's must-know geek news time!

Oh. Look. Dead woman's name used in loan robosigning into 2008. Look for this one to be a nice, iconic case in the media . . . if enough people start paying attention.

Anime and Manga:
Crunchyroll adds new titles. Yeah, I know, but now and then I might as well mention the obvious.

The nonprofit news project Bay Citizen gets funding, a lot more funding. Going to watch these people to see how they evolve, since non-profit news has been proposed as a possible solution to the problem many news companies have.

Borders delays some payments, a hint things are not going well. Sounds more and more like they're going to get sold off or change massively next year.

Social Media:
MySpace facing massive layoffs of about 50%. So how long until Google or AOL get them?

Techmeme's Top stories of 2010 for your perusal.

Cloud automation company Skytap raises another $10 million. Sounds good. Get them a resume.

Video Games:
An interview with Trion's head of marketing on the MMO Rifts. Not sure how this sounds as I'm not a heavy MMOer, but he seems confident. Rifts could shake things up, and I'm curious about how it could possibly be an evolutionary game – which may make it a challenge to others.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What geeky things are you doing for New Years eve?

– Steven Savage