News Of The Day 12/7/2010

OnLive changes my opinion of it, Plenty of Venture Capital flows, and of course a few big game stories!

Why It's Noble to Be An Innovator. A great read (though some might feel he dismisses the importance of some jobs). Check it out and feel inspired.

Time for a social media inventory?

And now in the wake of the Google eBookstore, we've got Kindle for Web. Not surprised at this, it's forward thinking, and continues Amazon's attempts to keep and expand the market it made.

Mobile analytics firm flurry just raised $15 million. They also work with a game recommendation platform. Sounds promising and resume-worthy.

The shift to the cloud is becoming more walk than talk. I've seen the same thing professionally and think it's obviously the wave of the future. In fact, you may want to check out cloud-oriented companies employment-wise – and remember this trend as it may affect any IT-heavy profession.

Zedesk gets $19 million in investment. They make a nice product (I've used it), and should be thought of as resume-worthy, and worth using period.

Wham – Salesforce releases it's own cloud database product which puts it in competition with Oracle. It makes sense of course because they have good underlying technology. I recommend learning Salesforce as it's everywhere (I in fact use my own instance just for personal management), and it is definitely a resume-worthy company.

A roundup of what you need to know about Chrome. Sounds like we have to wait until 2011 to get a look at Chrome OS. I still wonder where Android fits into any Chrome strategy . .

In 18 months the age of the PC ends – well, more or less.

Why Netflix's Streaming focus may be . . . bad? A bit contrarian, but also frankly brings up issues that Netflix will have to face. A good read to understand the complexity of the video streaming market.

Video Games:
World of Warcraft's Catacylsm launched. If you didn't know this, I am disappointed.

CityVille is a big hit for Zynga. No one is surprised.

Zeboyd, which made surprise indie hit 'Breath of Death' is at it again. This time with Cthulu Saves The World.

I wish we had places like this in the US.

QUESTION OF THE DAY:Is the age of the PC ending in 18 months?

Steven Savage