News Of The Day 1/12/2011

PC's are down, VC's are down on newer startups, Demand is down with going public. Let's . . . oh, hell, you know what I'm going to say. Let's skip the pun and get to the news!

The 20 most influential blogs in Financial Media – I read a decent amount of these (in fact I often post to them from here). Go and see if any sate your Geekonomic needs.

Guess what? A lot of big names think the size of banks is hurting the economy.

Venture Companies not as interested in younger startups.

Cleantech has done surprisingly well in 2010, here's a look at trends.

Archie is going simultaneously digital and print – released at the same time. You may not think much of Archie, but they're doing a lot of experimenting with the brand, which is worth paying attention to. Besides, he's survived decades . .

Demand media moving ahead with going public.

An author looks at how Amazon is making publishers less relevant. A nice, concise analysis.

PC Shipments lagged behind expectations in Q4 2010. No one is surprised of course.

Video Games:
For those of you missing the obvious, a further look at the fact Minecraft is insanely successful. I'd further ad what is missing here is that Minecraft built a community.

Sony wants those Jailbreaks off the net, wants damages, and is willing to get legal to do it.

This guy creates Hello Kitty mashups. I include it as it's cool. Like Fezes, or bow ties.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Who will understand – and apply – the social lessons of Minecraft?

Steven Savage