News Of The Day 1/21/2011

Some economic oddities and acqusitions, looks at just what happened to jobs, and say goodbye to ever buying a new computer? Lots of news, so buckle in!

MUST READS: The economy is humming yet people are unemployed in the US? So what happened to the jobs? It may be that they weren't needed? Insightful and disturbing reads.

DC Drops the old comics rating for a more modern one.

Social Media:
Evidence suggests Facebook will do an IPO on or before April 2012. This in turn means other companies (like LinkedIn) will need to gauge their IPO plans because the Facebook announcement will suck all the oxygen (and money) out of the room. Expect a run on IPOs before that in related social-like technologies who want to get in on their releases before Facebook gets all the attention, then a gap afterwards as people see how Facebook did before they do their IPOs. An unexpectedl low performance would discourage IPOs.

Google is going to make it's own Groupon. Man they REALLY wanted it – and I can't see why as its lifespan of profitability would be relatively short-term. Any suggestions?

If this is true, then AOL has problems: is it still making most of its money off of subscribers in what is a simple ripoff? I can't get to the article, the blog is a political blog so the comments aren't always helpful, so I'm not sure. But this is vital enough I want more details – because as AOL expands if this is true, then they're on a shaky foundation.

Massive CorpTechPocalypse Alert: Neverware wants to make sure you never need another computer. It's cloud computing on a more local level, and though the statement is sensationalistic, the basic idea is not and fits very well into the current patterns of IT. Must-read, and really if you're in NY, throw this guy and his company a resume.

Here's a sweet unboxing of the ASUS Eee Slate EP121. Sounds like a higher-end system (about a grand) for business and serious users. It sounds pretty sweet, and I like the speed. So another volley in the tablet wars . . .

Interesting – Sounds like Google Docs will stop just being an officelike and focus on cloud features. This is an interesting development since it means changing some of the appeal of Google docs, and suggests possible shifts in user demands.

Video Games:
Zynga, who you may have heard of before, purchased Area/Code who previously worked with Ubisoft to make Facebook games. Sounds like a logical acquisition for them.

Yes Virginia, Duke Nukem will be out May 3rd, 2011. But will it live up to this review? Actually I have faith in Gearbox they have a sense of humor and they use good planning techniques. I get the impression they used a lot of Borderlands to make this – which is good.

Blizzard won't stop the developers of the World of Starcraft Mod. In fact it may net the people behind it an opportunity with Riot games.

A dating site for apple fans.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: o Duke Nukem?  Could its return revive interest in other faded, tarnished, and forgotten properties?

– Steven Savage