News of the Day 2/21/2011

A slow day today – but we still got news!

The History of The Resume

OK, one of the companies behind True Grit got the live-action film rights to Star Blazers. Wait, you say, isn't there a live action Space Battleship Yamato? Yes, there is. But this happened anyway.

Social Media:
Twitter reinstated UberTwitter (now UberSocial) and Twidroyd

Ouch. Kno may give up on hardware and go for apps. Well they're thinking ahead, but it's another sign how thoroughly Apple dominates (for now).

Video Games:
Minecraft to come out on iPhone, iPad, and Android. World domination continues, as does the chance someone is going to try and duplicate the success.

Yep, Bulletstorm put the whole games are evil thing back on the map, and it seems to be a kind of low-level buzz at Fox. Big thing here is that the ESRB ratings ARE being enforced, despite claims to the contrary.

Full Moon studios arises out of the ashes of Relentless. Resume ready?

Wait, what? Comcast has issues with the Writer's Guild? Chip Johannessen has some strong words for them, and it looks like it's Comcast versus the union. Then again it's 'versus the unions' a lot lately . . .

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Will Minecraft get more penetration on mobile devices?

Steven Savage