News Of The Day 2/2/2011

Massive, massive Everything Wars, a new way to get Android apps, bad news for MySpace . . . what a day!

Students? You might be getting the job search wrong.

Y Combinator is making a directory of great designers. This intrigues me as it could be a new form of talent brokerage and startup access (or become a lame Who's Who).

Must Read: The modern trend of Microwork which in a way is a web-enabled mixture of freelancing, for-pay, and commission work. This is a big trend for how you can get work done and how you work – and if you're founding your own business, here's some opportunities.

Top News:
Egypt is back online. Let's hope the ongoing issues are settled without violence. I've also not seen as much discussion of this in the US as I'd expected.

Everything Wars:
Google went after Microsoft over search results, and now Microsoft is going after Google on Video Formats in what I have to say sounds like a childish tit-for-tat. there might be further conflict brewing here – the conflict may really be over things we haven't seen yet.

Tokyopop starts its America's Greatest Otaku series, running on Hulu. I am not entirely enthused about the idea as I can see it becoming undignified, but it is raising an element of geek culture to further attention . . .

More look at Google's chase for eyeballs as it reorgs. Unfortunately this means they're stuck in the usual content-race-to-the-bottom-for-ad-dollars. Between this and some of the other decisions, despite their attempts to move and rebrand quickly, I'm going to take them off my list of companies I recommend working for – this is too fast, too unsure, and sounds like they're in danger of going straight up content farm. I retract my previous praise in the light of recent findings.

Apple/News Corp's 'Daily' hits the iPad. OK, now let's see what happens.

Social Media:
MySpace will likely get sold. No one surprised.

Google introduces not only its newest version of Android, but a new Android-based store accessible via the browser. Google also has an SDK supporting in-App purchases which is a shot across the bow of Apple . . . and something else people making ez-apps have to keep in mind.

Google got rejected by Path. It appears to be Google Rejection Time for companies. Path also sounds like an interesting tool . . .

OK now I'm not sure here, but Time Warner bought a large hosting/management company. It sounds almost like they want in on the service side of tech – but I wonder if this is part of other publishing and distribution initiatives. Oh and this is in Massachucetts.

A Yelp For Software? Try OnCompare. Sounds interesting, let's see if it evolves – might be useful with strong social media integration.

. . . and the Samsung Galaxy has a high rate of returns. Sad, as I liked what I saw. Looks like others didn't.

QUESTION OF THE DAY:So just what do you think happened to the Galaxy?

Steven Savage