News of The Day 2/8/2011

OnLive is going through an evolution – as is New People. Bill Gates seems to be getting out of Microsoft, Facebook is moving on – a LOT is happening, so let's get started.

Sure a lot of companies are beating estimates, but not revenue.

The SEC is closing in on Bad Mortgage Practices. Now I'm all for this, but if more and more dirty stuff is found (and there's a lot just beneath the surface), it can have effects from bank panics to financial slowdown to political messes – to all of the above.

MUST READ: A look at Crowdfunding like Kickstarter. It's going pretty decently considering. Also a good place to find out about Crowdfunding options.

New People rebrands and refocuses. I think it's a good move on their part (sorry, not sure if this means more jobs). As we may see another wave of Cool Japan with J-Rock, good move for them. Side note – what other culture-centric business like this are out there – and possible (enterprise hint here people . . .)?

In what is a case of "duh obvious" synergy Stardoll inks a toy line deal with Mattel. They've had some cozy relations, and this will probably bring money and strategy Stardoll needs. Also the new line launches in Autumn, just in time for Christmas. All I can say is "hey, great idea!"

Diane Duane concludes her crowdfunded book. It took longer than expected, and brings up questions about crowdfunding, creativity, and author relations with their fans. It also has me thinking . . .

Social Media:
Facebook is pretty much getting part of the old Sun Campus in Meno Park. Oh and they're hiring.

Here's a bit of something different – dating site Zoosk seems to be doing good. Oh and they raised about $40 mil total so far.

Bill Gates is dumping Microsoft shares. Maybe he's not interested anymore, not sure.

Maybe Bill ought to invest in China's city-sized cloud computing venture. I suspect this is not just a commercial venture, it's another reputation-builder for China. China is actually not doing half-bad managing it's "brand," and other countries should take note.

4G Technology to be dominant by 2012. No one seems to express surprise.

Hulu is watched twice as much as all 5 major networks combined. They may have trouble but they have – comparative – power.

Video Games:
OnLive is going to phones? And they got a $40 million investment from HTC? Color me confused (as I can't be sure what kind of service they can manage or offer), intrigued at what they may do, and impressed at the 40 mil. Not sure I believe in them despite decent-to-good-reviews as I want to see how the model and the tech shakes out – because if they can get onto multiple platforms effectively they're going to have a lot of power.

As OnLive has talked movie streaming, I'm thinking what we really need to think of OnLive as is a media delivery system that currently specializes in games. If they get enough of a footprint they will – so sorry to say this – change the game . . .

Oh and side note: HTC is probably coming out with tablets soon. Tablets and gaming . . .

You may want to consider if you want to send a resume to THQ. They dropped their mobile division. They're still in mobile – for now.

Tara Jensen talks how she got into gaming. She's also the person behind Bullestorm, a demo I can't put down, so I declare her a Future Crush Object. Maybe present considering the demo lets you combine an electric whip, a kick to the face, a bola grenade, and a random enemy in fascinating ways.

Gamefly buys MobyGames? Probably a case of them looking for a future transition to a different business model.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Can OnLive move toa massive media platform? Is it worth trying?

– Steven Savage