A message from Anime Aid

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The Tsunami and Earthquake which has devastated Japan resulting in tremendous damage and heartbreaking losses felt around the world has compelled local conventions and fan based organizations to find ways to help those affected by this tragedy.  Recognizing that a united effort will achieve more good for all we have joined in a cooperative effort called AnimeAid that will help us to coordinate our energy and resources to ensure that the action born of our compassion can be transformed into effective results for the victims of this disaster.  AnimeAid is committed to the task of assisting fan based support initiatives throughout the area to maximize the impact  in assisting the people of Japan as they weather the continuing trials of this situation and move toward rebuilding their lives, their communities, and their nation.  Through AnimeAid organizations can share their plans with others, consolidate activities to allow for effective outreach, and mitigate the costs that are involved in getting support to those who need it most.

The fan community has a long tradition of supporting charities and causes as part of events that we hold.  This has included support for disaster relief efforts, funding for ongoing medical research, and donations to international service organizations.  Our community crosses cultural, societal and racial lines.  We are brought together by our common interests and  have proven a consistent resource for the causes that unite us.  AnimeAid is dedicated to cultivating this spirit and providing assistance for any who wish to take part.

AnimeAid is spearheaded by Washington, DC's two main anime conventions, Anime USA and Katsucon. More Information about the effort can be found at animeaid.org If you have further questions, please contact Tom Stidman at tom.stidman@animeusa.org or Christine Larson at Christine@katsucon.org.