News Of The Day 3/24/2011

Financial weirdness, another odd comic goes mainstream, Google gets musical, and Bizzard gets schooled? It's an interesting day in geeky news . . .

Fannie and Freddie Mac might not be pursuing claims, and helping out the banks. Of course Freddie Mac wont foreclose in the name of MERS which is also interesting. This is kind of complex, but I'm wondering just what's going on – and if these institutions are firewalling against other losses.

Some interesting thoughts on Brain Drain in cities.

Odball detective comic Chew looks to be heading to Showtime. Chew is a witty piece of work about a man that can see the past of what he eats. Good material, and another example of comics getting adapted like crazy.

Sadly, there is not a 'Sandman' TV series.

(Hey, it deserves its own topic)

Google is testing Google Music internally in attempts obviously to compete with . . . let me check my notes . . . about ten different companies or something. Of course they'll probably take a Google approach to it, using it more as an eternal competitor. As their other efforts have been reasonably solid to excellent (the Xoom is amazing despite flaws), I'm curious.

AOL (I guess they fit under Media now) is getting some Palo Alto digs. Palo Alto (where yours truly works) is considered to have some of the geek/startup magic, so there's doubtlessly a focus here on getting some geek cred. However it's also ideally located and has excellent demographics, so there' are serious practical reasons. Though we're no longer bullish on AOL until we see a working, sustainable, practical model, this is hopeful – and might lead to some opportunities.

Ericsson eyeing sub-saharan Africa. That's an area with plenty of mobile potential, and as noted, I think this is an area for many mobile companies to focus on for that reason.

Social Media:
Custom virtual girlfriend site? I got nothing . . . but curiosity.

RIM pulls an interesting sideways move by allowing Android Apps to run on its Playbook. Sounds like a basic emulator, but the article also says some simple app rewriting may be needed. Why they don't jump all the way to Android I'm not sure (beyond the fact that this is probably easier) – though I can see it in the future. It helps them needless to say, since it taps the apps out there, but I really think they need an eventual move to Android to stay competitive and leverage their dedicated userbase. Again I confess I'm not sure what to think about RIM since opinions vary widely.

Stables is opening a tablet shopping site. Well they're confident in the future of Tablets – and I agree.

Video Games:
Bizzard is considering it's own schooling facility ala Pixar. That makes sense on many levels. Indeed, with their huge base and major products they may need it. Now will others follow suit?  Mich like Pxar, Disney, etc. Blizzard may just have the need.

Duke Nukem is delayed. I got nothing.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Who else could benefit from their own "Pixar University"?

– Steven Savage