News Of The Day 3/25/2011

Unemployment is meh, Warren Buffet is meh on social media, eBooks are changing rapidly, it's a mix of ups and feeling-downs today!

More geeky, heartfelt ways to help out the people of Japan.

I general, US Unemployment didn't change much on a state level, but there were some improvements.

Looks like that Mortgage Fraud Settlement plan the Obama administration is floating is loosing support. It may lead to things being done on the state level, but it looks like something is brewing – really, many things.

Geez, slow down already – the Spiderman reboot gets a sequel. Isn't this moving a bit fast?

A look at how you can take your comic reading digital, though not all practices are endorsed obviously. Something to think of and read over.

Barnes and Noble says e-books will overtake paper in two years. I can see that for one reason – people who love to read are more likely to go e-book anyway. Once this becomes a norm, however, the shift is going to drag others along. It's gonna get quite interesting – and I think it'll mean more interest in POD as a way to get physical books without the stock.

Social Media:
LinkedIn thanks early users via email. Nice bit of bragging-right-gifting isn't it? A model to think of.

Warren Buffett says social media businesses are overpriced, which is going to elicit a "duh" among many people (including me). That's going to have an effect on people's enthusiasm for social media IPOs because Buffett is well-respected – though I expect a contrarian streak to appear in some of the reaction.

Has Best Buy become Amazon's showroom? Some interesting thoughts here. Best Buy is also busy redefining itself.

Google is going to develop in-App payments for Android. About time – and looks like it's coming fast. Developers, pay attention to this.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: So just what strategy do you think Best Buy needs?

Steven Savage