News Of The Day 4/28/2011

Sony is still out, B&N strikes back at Microsoft, Amazon stirkes back at Apple, and only Kickstarter seems happy!

The Great Sony Hack/Outage:
OK, now it seems the stolen credit card data was encrypted. This thing is taking so many twists and turns it's hard to keep up.

It may return May 4.

Trends towards a non-scarcity economy of information and what it may mean. Some good reading here – however enough discussion of quality is omitted for my taste. However there are some good points that we're really not ready for this.

Geek Law:
Barnes andNoble opens up about the Microsoft patent battle and it sounds like they may be in for the long haul – but could damage Microsoft over time.

Amazon responds to the Apple 'App Store' lawsuit by saying App Store is a generic term.

Why leaders fail to see catastrophe's coming.


A handy infographic on how print vs. online news consumption compares. A few things to think of.

Social Media:
Pepsi's Social Media Enabled Vending Machine. Yep.I got nothing.

MUST READ: Kickstarter's stats which are pretty fascinating and informative – $53 million pledged, $40 mill collected, 43% of projects successful (which is actually good, read on). I think this has validated Kickster and it's model – so get using it (or building a competitor . . . )

Netflix MIGHT decrease piracy. Presented for A) curiosity, and B) because there's a chance the preliminary evidence is going to be all over the news despite it's preliminary nature.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What would I be discussing if it WASN'T for Sony?

Steven Savage