News Of The Day 5/9/2011

 So what's up in the geek news world?  Let's find out!

The Ever-Continuing Sony Outage Debacle:
No, Sony did not say PSN wouldn't be back until May 31st. There's lots of misinformation spreading about this, so this article nips it in the bud. Looks like there's still more confusion about this and little information.

Apple is the World's most valuable brand. No surprise there. Includes a hand list of the other top brands for comparison.

Good advice – and what not to do – with LinkedIn statuses

Some great looks at the cost of Health Care in the US: Part 1 and Part 2. Part 2, which addresses causes and myths, is especially interesting as it challenged some of my assumptions.

Greece is still in trouble and talks about what to do aren't yielding much. Just so you know. I still argue the Eurozone has a decade of recovery to get over all this mess.

Home market is still falling. What can I say? Oh, yeah – DON'T BUY A HOUSE. There.

MUST READ:Richard Florida on what we need to make a new job machine in the Great Reset. Makes some good points on company structure and the need for smaller businesses to make shifts in how they operate.

Geek Law:
Skyhook may have shown Google working against them. I hadn't followed this case, but it sounds like serious can of worms material.  This could be used against Google a numbr of ways, and would constrain their actions.

Anime and Animation:
See a clip of the English dub of the 'Supernatural' anime. Want to see how this does as its a rich opportunity for Japanese-American media collaboration.  I expect more of that post-disaster as it sounds like a guaranteed profit.

I could put this under films, but anyway, 'Thor' did pretty good this weekend. I'm hearing good things about it, and it sounds like it met my expectations of breaking some trends and tropes (and the cast sounds like they were excellent). So quite a launch for a not-quite-top-name superhero in a big film, and a lead in to a Summer of Superheroes. Impact of this, I think, indicates that taking an unexpected director (Branagh) whose style fit the property made it work – along with just doing a good job. If this summer goes well, prepare for even more superhero/comic films – let's just hope people learn the lessons from the successes (oh, and hire you progeeks).

Hot reorders for Samsung's Galaxy SII. Even I'm enthused just reading about the enthusiasm. Sounds pretty good for Samsung – and good for them after that last not-to-hot response to a product named Galaxy.

How IT peoples' job interests and attitudes about them changed since 2001 – or didn't. A fun read.

Amazon expands fulfillment centers – A reminder, if you needed any, of how strong they're going (and again, potential employment).

Youtube adds 3000 new rentable titles in their slow, and weirdly erratic move into paid streaming. These look to be major releases as well. Now this could help one problem I see – publicity – they need people to know what they have there (hey, possible job suggestion).

Hmmm, looks like Media firms see Netflix as savior not destroyer now. Of course with many options, maybe they also hope pitting them against each other can get them better profits.

Video Games:
EA sunk $80 million into 'The Old Republic' and they need a good subscription base to make that back. I'm with this guy – EA is approaching a make-or-break year. If you work there keep that in mind – and if you work in gaming, keep in mind what troubles (or successes) on their part could mean.  My take is 'The Old Republic' doesn't sound too innovative, and it's gonna make it harder on them.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: So what do you think EA's future is?

– Steven Savage