Frustration Friday: Why So Surprised?

So we all know the story – DC is going to reboot its comics numbering, slightly reboot its series, go more economics, etc.  And oddly, I'm hearing complaints about how it changes, how its different, what it means for comic stores, etc.

The thing is . . . I just can't be surprised.  I also can't be worried.

Things are going to change.  That's part of life.

And comics?  THey're smack in the middle of a lot of change.

Comics are about publishing, and of course that's changing.

Comics are getting adapted like crazy, which is  a big change.

Comic characters can be adapted into all sorts of media – like games – that are changing.

Comics are where it's all happening.  Of course there will be change.

So why is anyone started?  Surprised?  They shouldn't be – DC's big change is just part of the whole system of fantastic crazy comics are in.  Something radical like this isn't really weird if you think about the big picture.

So, honestly, stop being surprised people, and start asking what's next and what we're gonna do with it to build our jobs, careers, and lives.

Steven Savage