News of the Day 6/6/2011

It's WWDC today, so expect LOTS of news and analysis . . . and we'll also get E3 in here tomorrow.

Economic report isn't too hot and looks like small businesses aren't going to be hiring and might even let people go. Ouch. We could well be seeing a double-dip recession.

Where paychecks go farther – and are worth the least. Some fascinating stuff. Is it just me or is DC getting more and more attractive all the time?

WDDC: The new XBox experience is pretty much full multimedia. Voice controlled, streamlines, media-focused, etc. The Xbox is so painfully obviously becoming Microsoft's major central device it's not funny – and this sounds pretty slick. Keep in mind that others may follow suit, and they have a huge audience with buy-in already.

WWDC: Apple has increased its eBook sales. Some useful information on eBooks in general is provided.

Nintendo gets hacked but nothing is stolen, and the hackers, LulzSec, seem to be more benevolent toward Nintendo. I think hacking-of-game companies is going to be big for awhile (and a thought, why no known attacks versus XBox or Microsoft? or is that coming?).

WDDC: Details on the iOS 5. Lots of little tweaks, but some powerful stuff including iOS message (gee, didn't we see an article on Apple-as-Twitter last week)? That'll shift some messaging politics.

WWDC: iCloud, the worst-kept Apple secret, is announced and described. It's pretty iOS-centric, but it's seriously hardcore – it stores and dupes everything. Note this is yet ANOTHER step of Apple as service, and something I expect to see more duplicating of (keep in mind Amazon has a cloud system, Google has sort of one . . . ). This lends major credibility to the cloud (good for engineers) and brings up security concerns (good for engineers and lawyers).

WWDC: More details on Lion. I note the move to more iPad like functions and even more convenience.

Oh, and be sure to get a list of all the apps and developers Apple's upgrades make irrelevant.

Video Games:
Double Fine to do a Kinect Sesame Street Game which I consider the perfect synergy for the goofy-yet-savvy show and the forward-thinking game company. Great combo, and I hope it pays off (and thus they make money and hire).

WDDC: Kinect support is going to be everywhere. It looks like all future Tom Clancy titles will involve Kintect. Programmers, get used to it . . .

Witty Quote Of the Day:
Dustin Curtis – "Apple just pissed off:Dropbox, Sparrow, Instapaper, Readability, Remember the Milk, Facebook, RIM, & the carriers. Well done."

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Could the impact of Ecosystem development stamp out a lot of smaller companies?

Steven Savage