Survery Sunday: Last Survery Roundup

So on the 12th we asked just what you thought was going to happen with comics!  Our results were:

Comics are going through a lot of changes, from ecomics to DC's reorg, from e-manga to webcomics. So what's the future of comics as an art for?

5.3% Comics are going to move to electronic, with occasional TPB and big-sale issues.

10.5% Comics are going to actually stay in print, with e-comics as supplemental income at best.

15.8% Comics are going to go electronic for the most part, but in a mix of mediums, from web to PDF to e-reader.

0% Comics are going to go electronic, but consolodate around one or two formats.

68.4% Comics are going to end up in a variety of formats, physical and electronic, that vary from company to company, title to title.

0% I have no idea.

So what did we learn:

  1. Most people here think comics are going to end up in many formats.
  2. No one in the poll thought comics would go totally electronic
  3. No one said "I have no idea."


Steven Savage