News Of The Day 7/12/2011

Lots is going on with EA, Ireland is in the crapper, and Dropbox is going BIG! Lots is up, folks.

Social media is becoming big for recruiting. We knew this, but this spells out some juicy details.

Moody downgraded Ireland's rating to junk. Well not that I think highly of Moody's, but still that's bad. Greece, now Ireland . . .

Geek Law:
That streaming bill?  There are reasons for gamers to worry beyond what you may think.

BBC Worldwide is going to rent out Doctor Who eps – using Facebook credits. An interesting little media convergence for your consideration. Warner now BBC? Maybe Facebook has some advantages over Google+ right now . . .

Social Media:
Facebook makes its way onto feature phones, which is an interesting backward-step in a way, but also can open a wider market (Japan for instance is big on feature phones). A subtle move that tells me Facebook is still looking for ways to penetrate markets that aren't always obvious.

Dropbox is raising a ton of money and is highly valued. This is a serious success story, and has quite a history worth reading about. It may also be worth throwing them a resume.

Netflix is going to raise its prices which means a lot of people aren't happy. It's a kind of heavy hike, so I'm not sure why they're doing it. Were they cutting corners? Do they have plans? Are they just greedy?

Video Games:
EA has bought Popcap games, though the exact amount between stock and cash sort of seems a bit unsure. Not surprising to any of us, and I figure that means a nice stock of more games in EA's steamalike. Though I still wonder what this means for Amazon.

For that matter, notice EA bought Ohai as well. Busy folks there – not sure it's time to throw them a resume since there will doubrlessly be post-purchase cuts.

Interesting! AT&T is going to have the Sony Ericsson Xperia.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: So just how many more companies is EA going to buy?

Steven Savage