News Of The Day 8/30/2011

A surprisingly slow day . . . except Groupon may be in trouble, and HP has just shafted suppliers

We may not be facing a Double Dip Recession . . . because the old one never really ended. Well that's depressing.

CNN acquires Zite, a news app that does a familiar magazine-like experience on iPad. This could get pretty interesting as it suggests CNN is trying to roll with the times and then some. The magazine-like iPad experience appears to be growing, so it makes sense, and I remain curious about what it may turn into.

Barnes and Noble lost money, but Nook sales are up. So a loss, but some interesting gains. Watch this space to see if/how B&N leverages the Nook and digital for the future. Sales down 3% but Nook sales up 140% kinda shows the future.

Some thoughts on the supposed lack of developers that points out multiple factors for the impression – and the fact it's probably not true.

HP further annoys people by leaving suppliers with useless inventory for the TouchPad.  Have I mentioned that if you work there, start looking for a job?  If not, START LOOKING FOR A JOB.

Innovid gets $9.5 million from Sequoia. They do video ads, and sound pretty interesting, if not overly exciting. Plus they raised nearly $10 million, so toss 'em a resume.

Guess what? Now people are saying the whole daily-deals thing is dead, which was predicted not that long ago. It seems everyone is doing them, Groupon is having issues, and people are leaving the space anyway.

Is Apple making a secondary TV? An interesting idea (considering the iPad is often a secondary computer). Something to think of considering their ventures – apple is an Ecosystem company and that includes hardware – this expands what they can sell and expands their ecosystem.  What else could they do . . .

MediaBistro has it's Freelance Forecast survey. Things look positive, but some of the data dug up is interesting.

STORY OF THE DAY:Do you think Apple is going into TVs?

Steven Savage